Analog Tape Machines

Below is more information about the machines that we restore.  Notice that they are all MCI tape machines.  So....why MCI?  MCI machines are very unassuming tape machines: They are very simplistic in design and sound great- What more can you ask for in a machine?   
Hmmm....what does an MCI tape machine sound like?  The answer is simple: just buy an album from the 70s or 80s, most likely it was recorded on an MCI machine or an MCI console.  There’s literally a who’s who of studios and artists that used MCIs  over the company’s 25 year span: Eric Clapton, Criteria Recording, The Bee Gees, Muscle Shoals Sound, Ray Charles, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Ringo Starr just to name a few.  If you listen to music-you HAVE heard MCI before.